Lotta Body 5 In 1 Miracle Styling Creme

Lotta Body 5 in 1 Miracle Styling Creme

lotta body 5 in 1
What can I say this summer I really have enjoyed my arsenal of hair and body products. In the month of June I received my monthly subscription CurlKit box. In this box I tried something new from one of an familiar companies. It was the 5 in 1 Miracle Styling creme from Lotta Body. I was so excited and very glad this product made the cut for one of the summer Curl kit boxes. From the first mist I knew I would love this product. The light weight consistency, the detangling properties, all the way down to the aroma of a tropical paradise had me sold. My hair fully adapted to this product. I first tried this product on an old twist out just to revive it (3 days before wash day) and my hair loved it. Fast forward 3 days later to wash day when I used this styling creme along side the Lotta Body Curl Me Up curl&style milk. These two products made the perfect cocktail creation for a soft hold twist out. I ended up using the magic duo to retwist and set my hair 3 times before my weekly wash day routine. I also used this as a refresh mist lightly spraying this over my hair before styling. My tresses loved this product. Everything about this product from the great shine, moisture, and softness on my hair. I am working on bottle #2 as I speak. I will highly recommend the Lotta Body 5 in 1 Miracle Styling Creme well as the Curl Me Up Curl&Style Milk especially during the rest of the summer humid heat.