Beauty Alert!!! Shea Moisture BOGO 50% Off Sale

shea moisture bogo

Tis’ the season for sales sales sales !!!! Every fall you can count on 4 things to always happen. A. the kids heading back to school. B the leaves and weather start to change. C. pumpkin spice flavored everything. Last but not least D. SALES!!!! Being a barginista and level 2 couponer I’m always expecting really good sales during the fall season since it’s the closest to the epic Black Friday and Xmas shopping season. During my few years on the sale hunter grind I’ve picked up a few tips and tricks when trying to find deals on certain higher end products, such as Shea Moisture. Walgreen’s and CVS always has Shea Moisture on sale and they both alternate sales campaigns normally bi monthly. First they start with the BOGO 50% OFF sales then they do the BOGO free sale. They even have in store weekly discounts that vary from store to store. Since black friday is about a month or so away the sales have started up a little early this year. Walgreen’s has Shea Moisture BOGO 50% Off until November 4 2015. Since I am still experimenting with Shea Moisture products I do have a few items I’m gonna pick up this month. I’ll be looking out for the next BOGO free deal normally around Black Friday or Cyber Monday from either store to pick up a few things from my black friday wishlist.