Renpure Coconut Creme Curly Styling Gel

renpure gel

What can I say I am a product junkie at it’s finest, but I maybe come the Yoda-Psychic of the product junkie universe with the dead on prediction of products before I buy them. At least I will when it comes to this curling gel product from Renpure.

Anyone who has been following my youtube and blog journey will know that Renpure has been in my product stash repeatedly over the last 5 years. I just love their products and their dual functionality. I came across this product and instantly thought this is so gonna be a favorite. This particular product comes from the Renpure company’s latest Multi-cultural line of products. It consists of everything from cowash conditioners, cleansing pudding all the way down to styling products. So far it’s all good in the world of product junkieism. Especially for only $9.99.

I first tried this product after my normal shampoo conditioner hair washing regimen. I also used the Renpure Coconut Whipped Leave-in Conditioner before applying  the Coconut Creme Curling Styling Gel on wet/damp detangled hair. I decided to try these product while styling my hair in a twist out. I instantly love the nice sweet mellow smell of them. The gel in particular reminded me so much of Flaxseed gel and I loved it. It gives a mega hold and ultra curl definition especially using it in a wash n go (my second hair style using this product). I loved this but it does comes with a minus, it doesn’t play well with heavy creamy leave ins or shea butter. I have tried this gel with a few different leave in bases and it doesn’t play well with large amounts of leave ins. Make sure you go easy on the leave in a make sure the leave in is very light. I did get some flaking when using heavy leave-in conditioners but the curl definition made up for it.

Over all I love this gel!!! I don’t care for the minimal flakes I ended up with. I enjoyed using this gel especially on wash n go styling. I love the texture and smell of the product well as the utility and flexibility, I will be using this product throughout the summer months aka Wash n Go season.  This gel will give you definition for days. My wash n go lasted over a week which is unheard of with my hair. I’m looking forward to trying the other Renpure multi-cultural products.