Soft & Beautiful Reversible Straightening System on Natural Hair


Soft-Beautiful system

I’m not one to rock my natural hair straight. I honestly haven’t had straight hair outside of wearing wigs in about 5-6 years now. The fear of heat damage and a second big chop out weighed the wants to straighten my hair. Honestly “If I want straight hair I’ll wear a weave” is my go to hair motto. Then came along this hair magic of a product. The Soft & Beautiful Botanicals Straightening System I have used this product a few time in the past almost 2 years now and it works every time. I only use this product to blow out my hair. I’ve never ventured in to the flat ironing stage of using this product. It leaves my hair really soft, elongated and blown out to the gods. I never have a major problem using this system. I will say there is a tingling sensation when first using the inner active leave in conditioner but it’s not an irritating feeling. I would recommend this product to anyone who wants an easier way to wear their hair straight with out all the damage. This is a great product for summer blow outs. Please if you are chemically treated be careful and read all instructions about this system prior to using this product. Results may vary and reversion time is normally 4-6 weeks or 8 weeks if color treated etc. Enjoy I highly recommend.