Wamesahau Shujaa (Forgotten Warrior)


   Don’t you dare hang your head down low

You are not the broken branch of the old willow

Don’t you dare weep with no sound

When I feel the strums of your sorrows out loud

Have you forgotten what flows in your veins

The blood of warriors, sangomas and kings

Don’t you dare worry the unknown

You are the light bearer holding the world’s hope

You are the descendant of the fallen kingdoms that reigned

Have you forgotten I follow beside you

Can you see me in your rear view

I am your rib I am apart of you

I am your hands I build with you

I am your third eye I guide you

I am the strength in your back

The eternal beat in your heart

The warmth in your soul

I am the wisdom in your mind

I will always be with you

When the world casts you aside to the shadows

I will be the angel to fixes your halo

Don’t you dare hang your head down low

My love for you is eternal

You are the armor that shields me

You are the sword that protects me

You are the bearer of divinity

You are the universe the world envies