What if we were meant to be together

Maybe we are meant to be apart

Maybe our love was meant to start again

Maybe you were meant just to break my heart

Could this be another chapter to the saga

Should we even bother adding to the waves

Sunken ships never find their way back to the bay

Are we not like leaves in the wind from fall trees

Curves on an open roads that lead to no where

You question does my heart still beat for you

Does the rhythm still remember you

Imprints of you still etched onto my wounds

Like traces of lipstick on tainted glass

I wanted to love you like open bibles on the Sunday pew

Our love would’ve been one with the sun

Beneath the heavens and around the moon

Will we ever know if our love would over flow like the ocean

Or dried up in the deep river’s creeks

I lay awake with my heart asleep

With feelings conflicted of what we could be

We can not love in separate directions

We can not become one when sin is your main obsession

Broken hearts forget no sorrow

Time awaits for no one

Memories are not forgotten

Love is never lost

Energy never dies

Souls will forever touch between the eyes

But we are two ships in the night