Soul Bound

Kiss of the Muse scan, 11/17/70, 9:17 PM, 8C, 7776x10528 (126+108), 100%, Default Settin, 1/20 s, R75.0, G29.8, B43.0

I pray for you
That God covers you with my growing love
Where my arms will be your place of safety and refuge
That your journey to me doesn’t deplete you entirely
Hopefully your soul isn’t too weary from the roads of the world around you
Find me for my heart will be sound proof to the loud noise around you
I am the armor to your sword I am the necessity to end all your wars
I love you
I know not of your name nor origin
My eye know not of your face nor my ears ever bare witness to the depths of your sound
My soul lingers for you from a million miles around
Even when your soul feels lost and out of bounds
My love will be your sanctuary a personal heaven when I am found
May your heart grow with your soul
May my spirit get through to you on your way to me
May my pending presence and open prayers give you strength to walk endless pavements and unknown territories
I think of you
With love filled eyes gazing at night sky bliss
Full moons and scattered stars
My heart feels you in the distance
My soul bares you as my everlasting mission
Make your way safely to me
If not safely I will burden the bruises
I will heal all the scars if you allow me
I will be the stitch that seals all your wounds