January Feature: Christina Cooper

Kicking off 2018 with a great start with the rise of new changes and movement in the realm of film and entertainment. Rising renaissance woman Christina Cooper makes her first film debut as director, writer and producer in her new film ” Loyalty”.  The film, which Cooper is also apart of the cast is set to start production this week and will hit Los Angeles  theaters in April of this year. The story follows the life of a young African American man through his life journey living in the Crenshaw  District and the issues he encounters being involved with the wrong group of friends. He finds out that loyalty has a price and it’s not always what it seems. So far that’s all the details from the movie, but I can’t wait to see it once it hits theater’s this spring. The film includes an beautiful array of cast members including 

Jamal R. Henderson

Chris Massey

Christina Cooper 

Patrick Cloud

Viandra Dunn

Dawn Raven

Byron Haskins

Carlene Corsey

Tamera Kissen

This is the first script written by Christina Cooper with industry maven Jenifer Cooper as script advisor. Christina normally is in front of the camera but she is taking on the role of writer, producer and director with Steve Alan Davis as co-director. Cooper is also join with a great team on set with Stevie Murrell as the cinemotographer and photographer Patrick Hamilton capturing all the behind the scene magic during production.  The film, cast and production team sound absolutely amazing. It’s refreshing and inspiring to see more women are taking on the creator roles in the film and entertainment industry. Creating and making moves all of their own.

I got the chance to learn more about rising star Christina Cooper, everything from who inspires her the most, personal motivation, and her future projects. Check out the interview below and don’t forget to follow Christina Cooper @thechristinacooper and me @girlfridayblog on INSTAGRAM. Enjoy xoxo Peace Love &Life

 GFB: How did you get your start in the entertainment industry?  

Christina: I used to do background work for Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, ever since then I knew I was meant to be in front of the camera. It’s so much fun! 

GFB: What person in your life has inspired you the most?

Christina: My mother & father. Mainly my father because of how much he supports me & my sister with our aspirations and remains our guidance through trials & tribulations.

GFB: How do you stay motivated while achieving your goals and dreams?

Christina: I like making vision boards to keep me on the right track & focused. 

GFB: What was the turning point in your life that gave you the courage to pursue acting/ producing, modeling etc?

Christina: Well originally I wanted to act, and then modeling just randomly happened because I got scouted at the mall. Producing my first film came about when I was tired of waiting on other people’s productions and was eager to be doing something productive & eventually decided why not write my own film.

GFB: One (or more) person you would love to work with in the future? 

Christina: I would love to act alongside Viola Davis one day!

GFB: What was the inspiration behind your new project? 

Christina: The story comes from certain predicaments I’ve been through. Some things are a little exaggerated but for the most part, many parts of the film come from different situations me or someone I know has been through. It touches issues in the hood & the consequences of the street life.

GFB: Do you see yourself writing and directing more in the future? If so, what genre of cinema?

Christina: Yes definitely! I want to get more into writing dramas & comedies. You’ll definitely be getting a sequel from this film!

GFB: What are some of your upcoming projects your working on or we can look forward to seeing you in? 

Christina: Besides my first film “Loyalty”, you can also catch me playing Crystal in the Never Heard movie featuring Karrueche Tran and Romeo Miller. Hits theaters this Spring!

GFB: What encouraging words do you have for the generation of men and women looking up to amazing people like yourself? 

Christina: Never give up. And if you really want it, it’s yours. That’s all you need to know.

GFB: How can everyone follow your journey? 

Christina: Everyone can follow me @thechristinacooper on Instagram!