Starbucks Boycott

In the last few years and practically all my life I’ve always been baffled or disturbed with the mistreatment of people within society.ย  Being human while black or any minority at that comes with a certain sense of caution now days. Whether out at a local corner store, spending time at your neighborhood park or even now at your local coffee shop, you have to be aware that the world looks at you through a different lens.No matter what you look like, what your wearing and how noble or friendly of a person you are, there will always be a shadow placed over you because of the color of your skin. It’s strange world we live in and it’s only getting stranger by the minute.

As much as we love to see the world in the view of our Rose collared glasses and always focus on the bright side of things. There will always be the less than pretty ocean view we try not to see of our steady growing problems and issues in this country.ย  The current news of the young black men arrested at Starbucks struck a major nerve within the Black Community. Unfortunately adding to the list of either false accusation, arrests, mistreatment or even unjustified actions towards African american people.ย  Imaging starting your day eating breakfast with your family only to end up arrested behind bars all simply because the stigma from the color of your skin. Ignorance and fear fuel an unnecessary call to the police. When did waiting for a friend at a coffee shop become grounds to have someone arrested.

Starbucks issues a statement that prove to honestly prove to be unworthy for the situation at hand. The firing of the staff involved was a start in the right direction and was the right call of action on the company part to save face from this situation. The young men arrested should not only have a public apology not only from the local Philadelphia staff but also from the company’s CEO. This was a total embarrassment for both parties and a major loss of respect in the eyes of customers of the brand.ย  Starbucks should not only compensate the gentlemen with a settlement for the emotional and mental anguish, but also she pay any legal fees of the the young men as well.

At this point in society as a people do we stop turning the other cheek, especially as minorities when injustice happens to one of us. We have to be cautious as a collective people in society of supporting businesses that promote unity and respect of all people (Black and Non-Black) with out excluding African Americans. Personally Starbucks will not get a dime of my money from me until the proper call of action leads to a solution to fix this disgusting matter. Even though May 29 Starbucks will be closing 8,000 of their location for equality training is a good step forward for future purposes to never letting this situation happen again.ย  From H&M to now Starbucks at some point we have to address the elephant in the room when it comes to racism and on going stereotypes used against people of color.ย  If anything this is another reminder that have a lot of work to do in this country. Maybe we can do it over coffee……..