White Sage Smudging #fullmoonprep


Photo: Altar space Smudging Crystals,  Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards & everything insight 👀🔮🌟🖖💖

Welcome to my little spiritual world 🔮

The only thing getting lit today 😂🔥🃏 I’m feeling like my great Aunt from New Orleans & every elder woman I’ve ever met. I’m really about that spiritual life this is not a trend this is my real life 😄💖🔮

ℹ White Sage 🖖🌟 I used this to cleanse my Tarot Cards, Mediation/ Altar space, Crystals pretty much everything. Each object or space has a different process of cleaning with sage. “Sage Smudging”

This helps remove negative energy out of object or spaces. I ALWAYS sage before + after every reading/mentor session. A sista don’t do negativity attachment from nobody I do mean NOBODY 😅 This is a form of protection in spiritual warfare.

I know this is “TABOO” or strange to most people still, unless you’ve lived down south or around elders then this was apart of a ritual or routine of cleaning the house and burning incense/sage (Saturday Morning) . Same thing with different names and perceptions etc.

I’ve never been afraid of sharing my Spirituality, beliefs, practices, journey. Even though I’ve been called everything from witch, priestesses, “Voo Doo Lady” my whole life 😒😂 I connect more with God now then I ever did growing up in church. I ran from God long enough I can at least share the wisdom, knowledge, and gifts he gave me as teaching tools to inspire the person reading message at this moment 🌟🖖💖
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