💌 Saturday Soul Message 💟🖖🌟


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If you are a giver, lover, helper, healer, nurturer, spiritual worker please take a “Me Moment” for as long as you need to because you deserve it.

Let’s face it the world is a greedy place. We live unfortunately in a vampire culture and narcissistic driven society that basically pulls or drains anything from a positive energy filled place etc. You have to put yourself first in order to maintain inner balance to serve a positive purpose in this world.

Life lessons of 2018 so far:

It’s ok to say No and hell No when you need to. You can’t be there for everyone else and not for yourself too.

Self care is mandatory and not an option. Show respect to yourself by taking care of all aspects of yourself.

Help those who need you the most and don’t guilt trip yourself when you can’t help everyone.

You can’t save the world if you don’t save yourself first. Your energy, time, love and your being are sacred elements of yourself. 🌟🖖💖
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