Man this meditation session and reading at my altar is blowing my mind just to finish off with another synchronized number 2222 at 2:22am

I did my Smudging and reading first with my regular deck then with my Oracle Cards as normal. The energy I picked up on tonight with my Oracle cards I can’t explain it. This one particular card which is normally a positive card shot of the Deck across the room and hits the floor. I didn’t like the energy from it it felt heavy a suffocating feeling. It popped up a few more times before I ended the reading.
During meditation I had a vision I was face up under water. I could see the ripples in the water above me. I felt like I was fading but not drowning. It was so weird. I’m not digging this energy. .
Before ending my session tonight the words ‘Witness” came to me. .
I feel in my spirit this message wasn’t for me. Not sure who this is for but you have to release yourself to set yourself free. If something is hindering or hurting you. You have to release yourself from it. You have to go to God you need a higher power to release yourself and regain or restore balance peace and strength in your spirit. You have to let go of what ever is effecting you in a negative way.