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This is beautiful 💖 If I could post this a million times I proably would took the words right out of my soul 💫

For most people they don’t want a million and 1 people running in and out of the life. That’s problematic and guaranteed to have wear and tear on your soul eventually. To have 1 person in your life that allows you to take your guard down and open up is a beautiful life goal that I still believe.
Someone who genuinely wants to know how your heart works, how you think, what you are feeling and why, what make you smile, what make you sad. A person who’s not afraid or intimidated of you in the sense that once their guard goes down their willing to see the all of you not just the pretty parts.

At 30 years old I still believe in love it’s my greatest weapon and weakness. I still believe that love is the most powerful thing on this Earth and soulmates & twin flames are real. Every one deserve that one person that’s meant for them and only them. #my2cents
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