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    Ning for GATA2 and FOXC2 demonstrated elevated levels of nuclear GATA2 (A, B, and E) and FOXC2 (C and D) following exposure of hLECs to OSS. Error bars correspond to SEM, n = 4 independent experiments. P 0.00001, by 2-tailed Student’s t test. Scale bars: 50 m.why PROX1 is usually silent in hBECs. To investigate the mechanisms by which the PROX1 1…[Read more]

  • of these important transcription components in the hierarchy of events necessary for the initiation of valve development (3). Taking these information into account, we reasoned that GATA2 may well be responsive to mechanical stimuli such as shear anxiety and hypothesized that elevated GATA2 levels may be necessary for the induction of FOXC2 levels…[Read more]

  • GATA2 can also be present in cardiac valves (F ) and arterial endothelial cells (J ). Boxed region within a is shown at a larger magnification in B . Scale bars: 50 m. JLS, jugular lymph sac; JV, jugular vein; VA, vertebral artery.of DNA, but this interaction is relatively solvent exposed, and mutation to polar glutamine likely has incredibly tiny…[Read more]

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