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  • Alaysian medical schools, were included in a one-page paper form. The items were: age, gender (male or female), ethnicity of student based on their paternal side (Malay, Chinese, Indian, Aborigine or other), total income of all family members of parents and siblings in Ringgit Malaysia (20 000), and having a medical doctor in the family (first and…[Read more]

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    This minimum crossing time, which we denote by tc , is also known as the smallest (or initial) order statistic of your deme crossing time amongst a sample of size D [53]. Let us denote by p(t) the probability density function of valley or plateau crossing time to get a single deme, and let us introduce 1=(Dr01 ), because the second step will no…[Read more]

  • Dividuals per deme fluctuates weakly about its equilibrium worth. This method, also used in e.g. [23], has the benefit of realism. Alternatively, we could impose a continual variety of individuals per deme. (i) Initially, we could opt for a dividing person in the complete metapopulation with probability proportional to its fitness, and…[Read more]

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